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TGI Monday Series - Part 1: How to Make Positive Change in Your Work and Life

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Frank Sanitate, MBA
1 Hour 52 Minutes
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The TGI Monday series of 4 classes focuses on identifying what  would it take for you to look forward to going to work every day and to take steps to increase your productivity and satisfaction.

Part 1 focuses on: Self-evaluation -  Identifying barriers to your personal productivity and satisfaction and understanding how change takes place.

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Frank Sanitate is president of Frank Sanitate Associates, which he established in 1977. He and his firm develop and present transformational workshops for professionals. He has conducted his workshops in every state in the U.S. and Australia, and every province in Canada and New Zealand. He has taught tens of thousands of CPAs and other professionals. He has presented his premier workshop Time Mastery in 9 countries.

He has published Don’t Go to Work Unless It’s Fun: State-of-the-Heart Time Management and also Beyond Organized Religion; an Ex-Monk Revisits Life’s Basic Questions. He was previously a manager at the American Institute of CPAs. He graduated from Catholic University of America, Cum Laude, with a BA in English. He has an MBA from Florida Atlantic University.


He has published:
•    Don’t Go to Work Unless It’s Fun: State-of-the-Heart Time Management
•     Beyond Organized Religion; An Ex-Monk Revisits Life’s Basic Questions
•    Dat's Capital: Creating Personal and Global Sanity Around Money




Overall:      4.1

Total Reviews: 21

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