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Jess Young

Young Asset Services, LLC

Do you need help meeting the new Lease Accounting compliance requirements? The recurring challenge facing my clients is difficulty understanding their lease environment, determining Right of Use asset values, and selecting the appropriate software system to meet their needs. In 2016, I recognized and anticipated these implementation challenges and compliance risks that organizations would experience with ASC 842 Lease Accounting adoption. To provide a comprehensive solution, I have served as National Technical Advisor for Vaco LLC, obtained certification and reseller agreements for multiple lease accounting systems including Lease Accelerator, Lease Query, Lease Crunch, and Tango, and served as project manager on multiple client engagements. 
For a growing list of mid-size clients, I have developed a risk mitigation and SOX compliant proprietary business model that is driven by a two day on-site client assessment program. With this tailored approach, clients are provided a documented picture of their needs. As a result, they are better able to understand how the standard relates to their lease portfolio and choose the appropriate software system to capture over 100 lease data points. To meet the growing demand of lease extraction efforts, I have a team of certified lease extraction experts and CPAs ready to provide concrete interpretation and recording of key data points and decision criteria.
Throughout my career, I have been responsible for designing complex business models as well as coordinating complex business transactions, SEC external reporting requirements, SAP and ERP integrations, and external audit examinations. Based on my ability to approach lease accounting adoption from a client perspective, I look forward to visiting and discussing solutions for lease accounting adoption.